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Welcome to Avalon ....

Welcome to the world of Astrological Archetpyes. In my ongoing quest to understand astrology through the archetypes I have found that much of the natal chart can be understood by understanding the archetypes that the planets and placements represent.
I do not believe astrology should be used for telling the future, though there are some souls who feel they have a gift, if not a right to do that. I feel the future is too full of variables for any exactness.
The best we can hope for is to understand the pattern of likely behavior the natal chart represents. Once that pattern is understood it opens many doors of understanding through which one may enter to make changes that fit ones desires. By entering through any one of those doors one can change the outcome of any future event. One thing that remains constant is that each of us are in control of our futures, our destinies. The power we have lays in actually taking that control and using it.

For other astrologers or astrology buffs my data is:
3:49 pm EDT
Ticonderoga, NY
August 13, 1952


Yes, this is me.


During the day I help the State of New York in its efforts to provide services for runaway and homeless youth. I love the job get a great sense of accomplishment from it.
Besides astrology I am interested in the study of Kabbalah and am presently learning Hebrew. In my spare time I enjoy creating prose and poetic writing. When I want to totally relax, there's nothing like a good movie or a Yankees baseball game. And when I just want to think I usually takes long drives. I enjoy traveling and especially love the ocean. 
Every day I'm refining my goals and values. Life is a wonderful thing when you learn how to live it more fully.

Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Rob Roy
Sleeping With the Enemy
Hart's War
A Beautiful Mind

Here's a list of some of my favorite books:

The Outlander and subsequent series 
by Diana Gabaldon
A Christmas Carol
by Charles Dickens
Exodus and Mila 18
by Leon Uris
Green Darkness
by Anya Seton