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Welcome to the world of Astrological Archetpyes. In my ongoing quest to understand myself, the people in my life and people in general, I have found astrology to be an invaluable tool. Further, I have found that much of the natal chart can be understood by understanding the archetypes that the planets and placements represent.
I do not believe astrology should be used for telling the future, though there are some souls who feel they have a gift, if not a right to do that. I feel the future is too full of variables for any exactness. Although human nature tends to move in a predictable path, it is also known to do the unpredictable if only to satisfy a curiosity.
The best we can hope for is to understand the pattern of likely behavior the natal chart represents. Once that pattern is understood it opens many doors of understanding through which one may enter to make changes that fit ones desires. By entering through any one of those doors one can change the outcome of any future event. One thing that remains constant is that each of us are in control of our futures, our destinies. The power we have lays in actually taking that control and using it.


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