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An ancient statue of Gaia She is depicted as a rotund, pregnant woman
The Mythology of Gaia
Gaia, Gaea, or Mother Earth, was the Great Goddess of the early Greeks. She represented the Earth and was worshipped as the Universal Mother. In Greek mythology, she created the universe and gave birth to both the first race of gods (the Titans) and the first humans. In the creation story of the ancient Greeks, Chaos came before everything else. Chaos was made of Void, Mass, and Darkness in confusion. Then Earth, in the form of Gaia, came into existence. From Mother Earth sprang the starry heavens, in the form of the sky god Uranus. From Gaia also came the mountains, plains, seas and rivers that make up the Earth as we know it today. Gaia was the oldest of the gods of the early Greeks. Humans and gods alike knew her as the Supreme Goddess. She presided over marriages and oaths and prophecy.

Gaia married Uranus, the sky god and they gave birth to the first life, which was inhuman. Uranus hated his offspring, the Cyclopes, and eventually had them buried in the earth. Gaia, in turmoil and pain over the treatment of her earlier offspring, begged for the help of her other offspring to help her free them. Cronus (Saturn) came to her aid. He castrated Ouranos, cast his genitals into the ocean and ended his ability to further generate life. Cronus then became the new ruler god.

In due time, Cronus also knew he would be overpowered by one of his offspring and he devoured his offspring until Gaia again intervened and Zeus (Jupiter) freed his siblings and in turn became the new ruler god.

Through it all, Gaia nurtured her children and creation flourished. Her power as Mother Goddess was stripped from her as the patriarchy gained control and she was relegated to the background. Ages have passed and her voice was silenced. But times change and sometimes they reach back into the mists of antiquity awaking what was long thought extinct.

Ouranos and Gaia were partners above all. Creation took place because they united in a single act to form the life and substance of this planet and keep it going all these many ages. Since the early days of this century voices have been heard warning of the dangers of careless industry, contamination of the air, water, oceans and land. Strip mining and land erosion, deforesting and failed irrigation projects have scarred the Earth. Cancer, relatively new in the annals of disease, has become a plague on us as a result of our uncontrolled manufacturing and living habits. Since the middle of the century there have been attempts to bring about a turn in the tide of destruction that has been sweeping over the Earth. Finally, in the sixties, the government began getting involved. Gaia is again calling up from the depths for help for her children. We are heading for the time when the Sky God and Mother Earth will once again be united. . Uranus (Ouranos) is the ruler of Aquarius. We are about to enter into the Age of Aquarius.

Sources: Mythic Astrology: Archetypal Powers in the Horoscope by Ariel Guttman & Kenneth Johnson

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