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Mythological Deities

Mythological archetypes give us an insight into how and why we act and react the way we do. Each mythological archetype has a specific type of character and behavior. The blending of each of the archetypes into a whole is what makes us the unique individuals we are. Even though we may be born within seconds or minutes of each other, and our personalities may seem to be similar, the archetypes will blend to create delicate differences between us.

Carl Jung and today's therapists from the school of Jungian thought use the archetypes to understand how the human psyche works. Of course, years of study go into fully understanding the individual archetypes. I have attempted to introduce the lay-person to the archetypes in a very basic, non-scholarly way. I have included my sources, with the hope that anyone interested in further study will consider purchasing the books.

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Mythological Archetypes

Mythology of the the SUN
Mythology of the MOON
Mythology of MERCURY
Mythology of VENUS
Mythology of EARTH
Mythology of MARS
Mythology of JUPITER
Mythology of SATURN
Mythology of URANUS
Mythology of NEPTUNE
Mythology of PLUTO

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